How Sustainable is Polished Concrete Floors

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Polished concrete floors, long consigned to commercial spaces and finished basements, are making good-deserved inroads into residential houses. Recent improvements in the ability to seal and stain concrete have raised its aesthetic allure, letting it compete at a fraction of the cost — with other rock flooring like granite, marble and slate. Polished concrete flooring provides a slew of benefits to home builders and renovators. Below are several of the experts to building your house with flooring of polished concrete or showing the concrete floor of your existing dwelling.

Polished floors are sustainable

Those interested in building sustainable houses have been among the first to adopt polished concrete floors, and with good reason. Sealed concrete has an extremely low environmental impact. Additionally, the compounds used to sand and finish a concrete flooring are incredibly low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which pollute the surroundings and decrease indoor air quality, which can have adverse health effects. The compounds used to seal concrete floors don’t have any odour that is permanent.

Treated concrete offers great worth

Concrete has long been the least expensive flooring alternative available as well as making polished concrete very sustainable. The later additions of lumber, vinyl, carpeting or tile are just laid over it. Moreover, polished concrete’s reflective surface will reduce the expense of interior lighting. It remains cool in summer time, reducing household cooling costs at the same time.

Polished concrete is easy to maintain

Most traditional flooring have rigorous cleaning demands. Carpeting must be vacuumed. Floor boards have to be waxed. Marble floors can demand special cleansers and are prone to scuffs, which need particular focus.

Contrast can, a polished concrete floor, which can be highly resistant to stains and scuffs simply mopped when needed. This could wind up saving you hours in cleaning and labour costs.

Concrete for floorings is incredibly durable

Concrete floorings that are treated are a number of the world’s most durable. In accordance with, a correctly treated concrete floor can be anticipated to last for more than 100 years. It has been long-known by commercial interests, who regularly utilize this flooring choice in retail locations, showrooms and other high traffic areas. Concrete allows the floor to “breathe,” as such, it is not susceptible to moisture and rot problems in the mode of tile or vinyl floors, which can trap moisture between themselves as well as the slab below, leading to costly replacements.

Sealed concrete offers health benefits

Carpeting, using its long fibres, in addition to tile and floorboards, with their grout lines and grooves, are recognized to harbour bacteria, germs and mildew. Polished concrete is seamless, leaving no place for dust mites expose and to collect the bacteria that may be trapped between floorboards and tiles. Polished concrete Melbourne by All Grind Concrete Finishing could be the initial step toward creating an allergy-free surroundings.

Concrete is quite versatile

Homeowners possess a host of options where treatments and stains are concerned. For homeowners who were considering salvaged wooden boards, concrete may be stamped to mimic them. It can be created to resemble slate tiles.

Concrete may be stained to attain a marble- or to nearly any colour possible. It might be earth before treatment to the specified degree of aggregate exposure. Aggregate is the materials mixed with cement to create concrete, when exposed, they produce a textured appearance. Simply speaking, a polished concrete floor can be manufactured to look truly unique, one of the leading companies in the industry for providing state-of-the-art flooring is Granicrete Australia, if you’re looking to get polished concrete or epoxy flooring in Melbourne¬†for your home then get in touch with them today.

Concrete comes pre-installed in nearly every home. Polished and properly sealed, it truly is among the very environmentally sustainable flooring options available–and among the very versatile. Moreover, it’s but one of the very most permanent and perhaps the least expensive materials. Simply speaking, sealed concrete flooring provides a host of benefits over other floorings. It really is no wonder that the advantages of concrete flooring are being increasingly recognized by understanding home builders and renovators.